Peace of Mind

Stress is a familiarity to me. Whether it is about passing an exam or talking to new people, I almost welcome the feeling that I know all too well. At times the pressure and anxiety builds to the point where it appears nonexistent because it has slowly integrated itself into becoming my life. There is never a time that I am of ease, my mind is always racing, planning, thinking, or worrying.

Summers ago, I spent a day at the beach with a couple of friends. It was a fairly cold night, the sun had just set when I decided to walk to the shore. The sky was a mix of a light purple and blue hue, the sun setting illuminating the sky behind clusters of clouds. The waves were crashing against the shore in perfect motion, each casting a momentary imprint in the sand.  I remember feeling a calm wash over me at this moment. For the first time in forever, I was stress free. I had finally found peace of mind.

Nowadays, whenever I feel stress or anxiety, I look back on this picture to reflect and remember this moment of complete peace.




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