Tribulation is pain, suffering, or affliction.

In times of tribulation, we all must stay strong. Life is inevitably full of suffering. Everyone has their own form whether it be about family, relationship, friendship, emotion, feelings, etc. Therefore we must all band together and combat this suffering. Instead of wallowing in sadness and despair, we must look to the positive, look ahead. Looking forward and past all the suffering aids in restoring faith and hope.

I find that in times of trouble or suffering most tend to keep to themselves, bottling up all their distress and emotions within. Most find it instinctive to be alone and to try and endure the pain by themselves. Our greatest flaw is thinking we are strong enough and capable to deal with our issues alone. However suffering is universal, we all can relate to it.

For this reason we must all stick together, because in times of tribulation all we really need is each other.




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