I’ve always loved the carousel at any amusement or theme park. Although it pales in comparison to the monstrous roller coasters and Ferris wheels, it is special on its own.

It’s the classic ride for everyone, nothing can outshine its bright lights.

To me, the carousel is a symbol of happiness and youth.

I recently went to an amusement park and rode on the carousel. During the countless rounds the carousel spun, I realized an important thing. The carousel was a nostalgic memory for me because of its familiarity. I’ve remembered riding on carousels at the mall from the time I was 3, it was my favorite thing to to do in the world, riding on the colorful horses and sometimes getting dizzy from riding it too many times.

I remembered always being curious about how the carousel could spin so fast and how the horses could move up and down. These days of happiness and ignorant bliss were a different time.

Here I was once again, on the carousel at a different point in my life. Everything was different since the last time I rode it. I realized that like the carousel, life is a circle. We’re living in constant motion from the day we’re born. Each day is special with different memories. The carousel of life is one that has its ups and downs but I enjoy riding on it everyday.

Check out this video to experience King Arthur’s Carousel at Disneyland!


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