Roller Rink Rebel

Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved roller skating.

Whenever I’m at the roller rink, the moments are surreal. I feel alive.

The feeling of rollerskating is indescribable itself. Once I step into the rink, it’s as if I’ve entered a whole other world. With the wind in my hair, the music blaring in my ears, and the hundreds of blinking colorful lights, the roller rink will always be a special place.

Strapping on my skates and entering the rink, I glide and move my feet in rhythmic motion as I glide past people with speed. The familiar sights and smells are welcoming, I find comfort in them.

Zooming past everything, a rebel against the world, is exhilarating, the rink is almost an illusion in reality. I’ve always come here when I’m down or feeling the need for escape. When I’m rollerskating, it’s as if I’ve left the rest of the world behind. It’s just me, the rink, and my skates.

I feel that everyone has an experience like this, they can relate to. An experience or moment that is so surreal, it feels like a dream.




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