Me, Myself, and I

Being alone is undesirable to most. The feeling of loneliness can be haunting and depressing. Why is that?

Why must we feel lonely when we’re alone, why do we need to be around others to be happy? I find that being alone at time is one of the best feelings in the world. When you’re alone, you can spend time with your thoughts and reflect on yourself. Being alone provides me with quiet, peace, and serenity. It allows me to really think about things and collect my thoughts. I would almost describe being alone as therapeutic, in the sense that it allows me to recharge and recollect myself.


At times I find myself often desiring to be alone. I can listen to music, draw, and think; the choices are limitless. Time with me, myself, and I is time well spent because somewhere in the loneliness, I find company.



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