Rollercoasters are thrill rides, found at amusement parks for entertainment and pleasure. The feeling and experience of being on a roller coaster is almost indescribable itself; the steep drops, winding tracks, momentary weightlessness, and gut wrenching feeling that leaves you taken aback.

Anyone can recognize the familiar audio track below of the screams of joy and excitement from people on a roller coaster.


The light fluttery and simultaneously stomach flipping sensation that you feel after riding one is a unique and special feeling. This is a sensational feeling and  that I wouldn’t have ever gotten to experience had I not taken a chance and took a leap of faith.

Growing up, it was always taught to me to be courageous and adventurous in my everyday life, thoughts, and actions. It was constantly repeated to me by everyone everyday, being almost religiously preached. I was told that if you were bold in your actions and took every chance or opportunity presented to you, then it would be beneficial to your personal gain. In everything and anything you do, it’s important to be fearless and an opportunist. I’ll never forget my first experience on a roller coaster, it was a nerve wracking and vomit inducing sensation I wouldn’t trade for anything. Most importantly, I would’ve never been able to experience it if I hadn’t been headstrong in my actions, jumping in with both feet.

It was the afternoon of a typical hot California summer day, the sun was out and it was as hot as ever. Standing in the never ending line that twisted around I felt like I was melting in the blistering ninety degree heat. Standing outside the crowded gates of Knotts Berry Farm, I took in the surrounding people and environment. However more importantly, my stomach was doing flips as I stared in awe and shock at the speed and size of the many rollercoasters in the park thinking what had I gotten myself into. Everywhere people were laughing, screaming, and having a blast. I was bracing myself for seemingly impending doom.

I was silently praying that we would go on some of the more calm and slow rides first, so I could ease my way into feeling comfortable riding the monstrous coasters.

However, too my dismay the first ride was Ghost Rider. It was one of the biggest in the park, exclusively made of wood. Turning the corner, my stomach churned as we neared the end of the line. Every time the coaster passed us, I watched it zoom past seemingly 200 miles per hour. I felt my sweaty palms clenching the fence as I felt my knees go weak. 

I was afraid I would faint at one point, but luckily I didn’t. I didn’t wanna chicken out now, with my goal so close.

It was our finally our turn. 

I was on pins and needles as I mustered the courage to step into the cart , I grabbed the strap and buckled myself into it.I then proceeded to grip my hands so tight on the guardrail I was sure that my knuckles would turn white. I felt the air escape from my lungs as the rickety cart began to move down the track and be lifted up the steep hill leading to the first steep drop.

We were seconds away from the top of the steep drop, I gripped the handlebars, my heart racing, head pounding, and palms sweating.


Before dropping, It first halted to a momentary stop at the top allowing us to take in the view all around us, it was nice to be up that height and looking down at the world below.

My stomach flipped as the coaster took a nose dive at a seemingly 90 degree angle down towards the ground, the speed was shocking as it suddenly accelerated.


My stomach dropped as we took our first dive towards the ground and began to pick up speed.

I felt the cart and track twisting left and right, up and down, and sideways. At one point, I wasn’t sure what direction we were going in. I wasn’t aware we were heading towards the loop as we approached it, I looked over at my friend. She had the biggest smile plastered across her face, I forced a smile back. As we went through the loop I was raised out of my seat, then my weight pressing down.

This momentary feeling was strange, I actually liked it.

It felt like I was on a rocket ship soaring through the sky, I felt weightless and free. I felt myself being thrown side to side in the car with each fast turn, as if we were on a high speed car chase.

The ride ended shortly after and to my surprise, my cheeks hurt when I felt them. I had been smiling and grinning the entirety of the ride and I hadn’t even noticed.

I had come to a revelation, perhaps I had only been afraid of the coasters because I hesitated to attempt them. Different and foreign things may appear to be scary at first, but only because you aren’t comfortable with them.

You’ll never know until you try, and it was only when I jumped in with both feet, headstrong, that I was able to experience something different that I will never forget. 


Watch this to experience the ride yourself!



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