Moments to Cherish

Last week was Glow Show, an annual pep rally that my school hosts to conjure up school spirit for our big game against our rivals.

There were an array of food trucks at the event and a whole bunch of people, it seemed as if the entire school was there. I  remember stepping into the bowl and taking in the environment, it was filled with people running around and talking, bright lights, and loud music. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia since this was my third year attending the glow show. I love the times that the entire school comes together to celebrate and spend time together, this event is always one of my favorites.

Standing alongside the hundreds of people waving glow sticks in the air, chanting cheers, and screaming our hearts out, there’s a sense of unity. These are moments I’ll never forget.

In life there are many ups and downs, its a fact. We can’t all live a fairytale.

But it’s the happy moments in life, that we spend with family, friends, even strangers that should be remembered and cherished. Life is limited, but that doesn’t mean you are.



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