Just Keep Swimming

Recently I’ve noticed that I’ve begun to grow weary of the constant routine of every single day. I think back to the days I felt excitement and motivation to get up every single day and how it has evolved to where I am now.

Thinking about getting out of bed and going through the repetitive and tedious routine of the day is draining.

I decided to do research about this entirely foreign feeling I was now experiencing. Searching google, I discovered countless articles and blogs from others about feeling the same way. I found most people were bored in their everyday lives, feeling as if they were trapped and not knowing what to do about it.

I read this article on SalonNews.com  explaining this growing phenomenon in people. Entitled, Living in American Will Drive you Insane-Literally, the article was a refreshing surprise to me as I had no idea others felt this way, much less a majority of the population.

he article states,” Life may or may not suck any more than it did a generation ago, but our belief in “progress” has increased expectations that life should be more satisfying, resulting in mass disappointment.”

The article presents an interesting view of how this pessimistic view may lead to mental illness. It has been discovered that most look at our society in a pessimistic view, and interestingly this is where many ‘rebel’ with mental illness. The hopelessness of people’s everyday lives where they must repeat the same routine has pushed individuals to rebel with mental illness.

It’s strange how I’ve evolved to a state of mind where everyday life has become uneventful. I crave different, excitement, change. Its as if we’re all fish, tiny fish living in this one big fishbowl that is life.


Life is just on huge circle. We are born and and work to the end of our days. It’s interesting how life goes around, we all live our lives everyday as if we’re sleepwalking. We go though the motions without a thought in our minds. I feel that we feel as if we’re limited, trapped. We should attempt to get out of our bubble, and explore the world. No matter the situation, I feel that life is like a fishbowl.

We swim freely, in thought, but in reality we’re all just going around and around.

We swim constantly in circles around, incased in a bowl. Like fish, we all live in this environment. I feel encased, trapped, just like how a fish is limited to its bowl, I feel that I am constantly swimming in circles. Going through the same old routine everyday, unable to break free and experience different or change. We’re all like the fish in a fishbowl, swimming around constantly, trapped.

All we can tell ourselves is to just keep swimming.


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