Exploring Asia

Recently one of my teachers brought an interesting contest to my attention, it was the Discover Asia Correspondent Contest! Hosted by the LA Times, it was a joint collaboration between HS Insider and Korea Air. To enter, you had to write an essay about why and where you would like to explore in Asia. Winners would get the opportunity to win a trip to a destination of their choice and spend a week exploring the beauty the Asia.

Here’s a link to the Discover Asia Correspondent Contest!

Interested, I decided to enter! The promo had been to choose a location in Asia and to write about why we wanted to visit, how we would document our trip, and what we would learn from our experience.

I decided to write about Seoul, Korea. I’ve always wanted to travel to Seoul and this seemed like an amazing opportunity that I couldn’t pass. The main reason I want to travel to Seoul is because of the amazing Architecture in the city. Seoul is known for its modern and growing urban landscape, with modern and traditional architecture, it’s a spot I want to absolutely visit. Wanting to explore Architecture, but never daring, this would give me the opportunity to experience the culture as well as the architectural component of the city.

I was also very excited about this opportunity because it would give me a chance to learn about the urbanization of cites as well as the evolution of modern architecture and how I could possibly apply it to our cities here in the US.

Seoul is a rapidly growing city in South Korea and being labeled as “The City of the Future” by the Smithsonian and being anticipated as the next Silicon Valley, this city is without a doubt one of the destinations I would love to visit. It features a blend of modern and traditional culture as it is a city comprised of many buildings and landmarks. The technological innovation and influential art scene of the city is intriguing itself.

Someday I would love to travel the world to experience the many different cultures and countries in the world. It’s a personal goal of mine to travel to each continent and explore the architecture as well as culture. Starting off in Asia at Seoul would be a great beginning!




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